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The ACTEcelerator is dedicated to increasing entrepreneurial success in the travel industry. It is much more than a venue for matching entrepreneurs with investors. The ACTEcelerator is a partnership between ACTE and Solidea that provides entrepreneurs with access to a network of expertise, resources, and the opportunities required to turn a good idea into a successful venture. ACTEcelerator entrepreneurs have access to programs and services designed specifically to accelerate their business. Levels of participation can be designed to fit each company’s specific needs, stage of development, and management team experience.

  1. Level I
  2. Level II
  3. Custom

Marketing & Promotion

Introductory email to ACTE membership upon joining the ACTEcelerator
Company logo, link, and profile on ACTEcelerator section of ACTE website
Company mention during a general session at all ACTE Global and Regional Conferences during first year in program
Complimentary InterACTE booth at one Global Conference a year for first two (2) years in program (discounted pricing available after first two (2) years)
Free participation in mobile app sessions (when offered) at ACTE Global Conferences in first year in program
Ability to place company literature on resource table at ACTE Conferences
One (1) one-year membership to ACTE
One (1) complimentary registration to an ACTE Global Conference during first year

Expertise & Guidance

Monthly strategy call with Solidea (1–1½ hours). Typical topics may include:
Business model, plan, and presentation refinement advice
Financial guidance through analysis, strategy, and operational expertise
Marketing, pricing, distribution strategies
Advice on current opportunities – partnerships/alliances, financing proposals, etc.


Access and introductions to angel networks, PE and VC’s that support travel realted companies
Introductions to key industry players relevant to your company’s business
Links to potential strategic or alliance partners
Periodic meetings with other ACTEcelerator companies for networking and idea exchange

Marketing & Promotion

Stage time at an ACTEcelerator section during a general session at one ACTE Global Conference per year for two (2) years (3-5 minutes to pitch your product)
Featured article in ACTE member newsletter during first year in program
Complimentary InterACTE booth at two (2) Global Conferences a year for first two (2) years in program (discounted pricing available after first two (2) years)
Free participation in mobile app sessions (when offered)at ACTE Global Conferences in first two (2) years in program

Expertise & Guidance

Quarterly ½ day strategy sessions for two (2) years
Assistance with management team identification, if required
Participation in ACTEcelerator CEO Exchange – ACTEcelerator CEO’s deliver a crash course on their area of expertise to other ACTEcelerator entrepreneurs


Access to the ACTEcelerator Board of Supportors – an advisory board compsed of individuals jointly selected from ACTE membership and our industry connections with representation from each of the key segments in the travel industry
The Board of Supporters is dedicated to supporting ACTEcelerator companies by providing advise, making introductions to the right people, and providing a second level of expert evaluation of your company
Introductions to ACTE ‘friendlies’ for product tests, pilots, feedback, etc.

Custom Offerings

Opportunity for your company (or specidic product/service) to become a preferred supplier to ACTE
Scope of arrangement to be determined based on your product/service and its applicability to ACTE target market
Customizable strategy sessions focused on specific areas – branding, marketing, financing, distribution. etc.


Who Should Apply

  1. Industry Focus
  2. Development Stage
  3. Ideal Characteristics
The ACTEcelerator is focused exclusively on companies and innovations that impact the travel industry
Seed and early stage companies
Companies with business plans and financial forecasts
We do not consider businesses that are in concept stage, e.g., napkin plans
Strong management team
A clear understanding of their market
Large or quickly growing market
Proprietary or innovative product or service that has a scalable business model


Our Process

All companies must apply electronically using the ‘Apply’ link in the Entrepreneurs’ box above
You must submit an executive summary for your business using the application form
If your application passes our initial vetting you will be contacted to arrange a time to pitch your business idea to the ACTEcelerator Review Board
If your pitch passes our vetting review, a copy of the ACTEcelerator Terms & Conditions will be sent to you for review and acceptance
Upon receipt of your signed Agreement, you will be granted access to the resources and services of the ACTEcelerator

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