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In September 2012, BCD Travel partnered with the Association of Corporate Travel Executives to launch a pilot program that brings energetic, business savvy graduates to their company. The Management Associate Program, or MAP, includes hands-on training in offices across the globe, rotations through key organizational functions and mentoring. Over nine months, participants learn the industry’s history, business models, all the major players—competing TMCs, airlines, hotels, online travel agencies—and BCD Travel's business philosophy and approach.

This intensive program is designed to fill BCD Travel's talent pipeline with next-generation professionals. Their focus on talent development will prepare them to meet the demands of an evolving industry. BCD value's the diversity of their employees and strives to align both the internship and employment opportunities with the skills and interests of their people. These factors, along with geographical locations, are discussed during the interview process and internship placement is agreed as part of the program acceptance. The internship is a 6 month courting period whereby both parties make sure that the work and role is a good fit for a hopeful employment opportunity.

Here is a list of past interns and where are they are now with their career at BCD Travel:


  • Marie C. | Regional Account Manager, Berlin
  • Bryan L. | Regional Account Manager EMEA, Singapore
  • Wiebke R. | Regional Account Manager, Berlin
  • Kendra C. | Analyst, Global Client Data Solutions, Toronto
  • Hunter P. | Manager, Strategic Communications, Atlanta
  • Lindsay P. | Sourcing Specialist, Strategic Sourcing, Atlanta
  • Megan M. | Quality Analyst - Performance Solutions - Process, Houston
  • Christian R. | Global HR Business Analyst, Copenhagen
  • Barbara A. | Director Global Hotel Solutions, Munich
  • Teresa D. | Project Coordinator, Toronto
  • Anna L. | Sales Support Nordic, Copenhagen
  • Uriel R. | Specialist, Global Hotel Distribution, Atlanta
  • Chad P. | Global Account Management, Pittsburgh
  • Jenn O. | Marketing and Social Media, Atlanta
  • Douwe S. | Performance Solutions, Utrecht
  • Mila B. | Business Development, New York City
  • Serena D. | Account Management, London 


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