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Dear ACTE Supporter,

Airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, TMCs, expense reporting companies and charge card companies individually spend millions of dollars; each building productive relationships with hundreds of business travel managers and millions of travelers. The Association of Corporate Travel Executives accomplishes this with a lot less… Through one-on-one membership service and a personal commitment to you. Also, through a continuous refreshing of our offerings that keep travel managers coming back for more.

Our education theme for 2017 will be around Supporting the Modern Business Traveller. Today’s traveller and the travel managers supporting travel program demand more. More interaction. More services. More options. We will create our education content in a way that simplifies how a travel manager will look to the major categories of needs and how they can design, update or build a travel program that is all encompassing and connected. We will do this while also keeping an eye on the future so everyone can be better prepared.

Questions in our industry have evolved beyond how should I look at the sharing economy or a punitive travel program to one that says – What’s best for this traveller on this trip? ACTE will continue to lead our industry in this focus on the traveller and on their travel experience.

In the past year, ACTE has remained the preferred corporate travel resource for decision making travel managers, and their companies. Travel programs enacted by our members touch the lives of millions of travellers. But we like to work with smaller numbers as we work to address the varied needs of our members around the world. For example, companies now have a tighter, more reassuring, communications program with their travellers developed after attending an ACTE event or reviewing ACTE research. Or travellers who experience more relaxed flights, who sleep better on the road, and who generate stronger revenue streams for their companies because of the ACTE focus on Traveller Centricity and interaction with the travel suppliers.

ACTE treats each member like they were the only member. Therefore, our membership remains strong, year after year. This why our volunteer leadership attracts some of the most influential — and successful — names in the industry. It’s why the ACTE brand is trusted to deliver content in such places China, Nigeria, Russia, France, Turkey, Australia, the US, Brazil, and Canada.

ACTE conferences, summits, forums and web events are your opportunity to a lasting business relationship that transcends the occasional media roundtable or inflated annual industry gatherings billed as global. We have an ambitious agenda for 2017 that includes the introduction of new Regional Conferences in Asia and the US. These new ACTE Regional Conferences will bring a focus on hot topics that are of interest right now. ACTE will also continue to collaborate with CAPA – Centre for Aviation on events around the world that will bring stronger content to the global ACTE community.

Thank you for the support of the betterment of the corporate travel industry and of ACTE.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to access our sponsorship book, please email sponsorship@acte.org.