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The place to see the industry's latest innovators!

The ACTE tech studios have become an increasingly popular attraction.  This year, we have selected 17 technology companies to show how their innovations promise to shake-up or change the corporate travel management industry, or enhance the traveller experience in an innovative way.   You’ll have the chance to check out some of the latest options available, from robotics processing technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence to new ways of gaining compliance and supporting travellers.

Our tech studios will be featured in an open-space learning environment, using a silent disco format so you can focus on the presentations without missing the heartbeat of the event. 

Stay tuned for information & schedules of the innovators you can expect to see!

Grab your personal headset at registration, and come see the next generation of travel technologies in brief 10-minute demonstrations in the ACTE Tech Studios. 

Meet the participants!


Bizly enables companies to easily source and book small meeting and events -- automating corporate compliance, preferred rates, and data requirements -- in one simple consumer-friendly dashboard that everyone at your company loves to use. Streamline strategic meetings management without the use of RFPs, agencies or wasted administrative time. Easily aggregate data on all small meetings, often invisible and decentralized, occurring across your company. Bizly helps all the meeting planners in your company seamlessly book events at the best hotels, restaurants, and hospitality venues across the country. See why Bizly is the best way to facilitate productive meetings across your organization at!
Cardlay is a Danish FinTech Company that allows issuing banks and card issuers to capitalize digitally on existing portfolios - globally. Offering new payment card functionalities, Cardlay is providing added value within cards, transactions, travel expense management, millage and VAT reclaiming.

Cardlay is driving change to improve the daily business lives of banks corporate customers and their employees, by continuously delivering innovative and market-leading software solutions. From day one, Cardlay has provided automated digital solutions with a unique user experience for a great improvement of banks customers.

Cardlay’s forefront software is both technologically and in terms of market approach, aimed at top tier banks and leading card issuers to capitalize on existing portfolios and creating long-term digital customer relationships. Build on automation and optimization, the solutions meets a developing market need for disruption of card payments silo structures, card handling processes and galloping change of end-users behavior.
Corpobids is a website which compares the best hotel quotations in a transparent online reversed auction model. Process is simple, clients just bring their meeting requirements and chose the best quotation available in terms of service and price. 
Data Visualization Intelligence (DVI) aggregates data to provide companies full visibility into their travel expenditures and traveler behaviors through a series of rich visualization screens. DVI’s initial product offering, DVI Vantage Point, is a suite of data aggregation and visualization tools targeted specifically at corporate travel programs, allowing companies to thoroughly answer spend questions, track compliance and provide transparency to their travel program.
Big Data Solutions to Maximize Your Global Savings.

FairFly’s proprietary algorithms leverage airfare volatility to maximize your airfare savings globally, post-booking. FairFly works in partnership with TMC and corporates, with no disruption the travelers.

FairFly is a big data company that offers fare tracking as one of many products. The focus on big data allows FairFly to create customizable technology that works around the clock, saving reports analyses with full transparency, identical, similar, and better deals that are tailored to travel policies. This technology and innovative algorithms allow to analyze databases on a global scale and provide services worldwide.

It’s a one-time, easy setup that integrates seamlessly with any travel booking system.

The Global Vatax Group specializes in Cost Recovery for the Corporate Travel Market.

The Global VaTax group recovers VAT in over 30 countries and has more than 30 years’ experience in reducing the Costs of business travel.

VAT recovery is a complex process and requires a detailed understanding of the processes and requirements in each country, in its specific language. VAT rules and rates vary from country to country.

Global Vatax has developed a new Corporate Travel Cloud Application called VaTax Cloud, which automates the VAT reclaim process. Vatax Cloud extracts data from an expense management software and calculates VAT rates for each expense type, in every country.

VATax Cloud sorts scanned documents, capturing all the data from your expense management source. Users will have access to detailed interactive Reports – VAT potential analysis report and Submission claim process updated in real-time.

After automated and manual reconciliation, Global VaTax prepares and submits all the documentation to various government offices. Your company will receive a refund as soon as the reclaim is processed. Global VaTax does not charge upfront fees of any sort. If the client does not get a refund, there is no charge.

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley by two Stanford PhD’s, Lumos has developed a smart sleep platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and science to help people get great sleep every night. Their flagship product, the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, uses personalized light and behavioral therapy to align the user’s internal body clock with their schedule. As the exclusive patent holder of this clinically-validated technique from Stanford University, the Lumos technology addresses sleep problems at every scale, providing a reliable non-pharmaceutical sleep solution for business travelers, athletes, teens, and beyond. At the completion of Lumos' successful testing program, 90% of frequent travelers reported significant reduction of jet lag symptoms, adjusting 3-4 times faster than normal. The team also has pilot programs established with several large corporations and professional sports organizations.
Founded in 2009 and privately-held, mTrip helps Corporations, Institutions and Travel Services Companies leverage the full power of mobile solutions. Clients benefit from mTrip’s extremely agile platforms, combining their unique services and tools with mTrip’s beautiful design and innovative features (offline destination guides and maps, airport interactive maps, Augmented Reality…) , to create exclusive 'All-In-One' mobile apps and portals that will adapt to serve the specific needs of each traveler and travel manager, per type of trip (business, leisure, MICE).
Pana is the first corporate travel platform exclusively for world-class guest trips, including on-site interviews, new-hires, customer visits, internships and more.

PSNGR1 is next generation, mobile first booking tool that helps eliminate the complexity of corporate travel planning and administration for companies and travelers. Our goal is to allow Travel Managers to

champion travel for their employees through technology, display value to management through clear KPIs and reduce friction for travelers through supplier relationship.

Shep uses data to create processes that increase trust and employee freedom, enabling growing companies to save on their second largest controllable expense, business travel. Our employee-centric travel tool delivers policy information and guidance where the traveler is shopping on top travel sites like Expedia, Southwest, and AirBnB at the moment that they need it by highlighting/outlining results that are compliant with their travel policy via a plug-and-play travel policy chrome extension.
Imagine you plan a trip for 40+ travellers from 30+ different starting locations. How would you do that? Meeting locations are normally selected based on personal opinions. We use Big Data to add strategic value to business travel.
We take the starting locations of your group and connect them with thousands of different data layers including internal data layers such as company policies, preferences, strategic inputs, office & staff locations as well as external layers like travel information (transport, accommodation and visa requirements), industry data, personal contacts (e.g. LinkedIn & address book), and international events to find the best locations to meet. The TroopTravel Strategic Travel Platform helps you to reduce travel cost for your global team meetings as well as increase the return of investment by adding strategic value to all your business travel.

TroopTravel won the Disrupt Award 2018 at the Business Travel Show in London / UK


Troovo makes travel and payment transaction processing entirely virtual with Intelligent Robotics. Now our customer’s staff can focus on what matters most – providing the best service to their clients. Troovo replicates the time-consuming work a person would normally have to do, taking away the laborious task of data entry and grunt work of processing travel and payment transactions. It enables greater productivity and higher profitability for Troovo’s customers and helps ensure that our technology pays for itself rather than adding more cost to a company’s operations.

Troovo's core customer base are high volume transactional operations which see the benefit of using sophisticated yet easy-to-deploy robotic solutions. These include travel agencies, travel management companies, online travel agencies, airlines and also corporate procurement and purchasing. Credit card, payment and peer-to-peer settlement schemes are also great partners and users of Troovo technology to enable the utilisation of next-generation payment solutions.


Business travel can be stressful and complicated. That’s why WWStay has developed a technology-enabled accommodation solution to help business travelers and travel coordinators access over 82,000 extended stay housing options in 170+ countries, all within a few clicks.

WWStay is a fast-growing global technology company with a focus on corporate travel and extended stay corporate housing. Our easy-to-use platform offers travelers the flexibility to book their own accommodations and choose from a wide variety of housing options, including extended stay hotels, traditional hotels, and serviced and furnished apartments.

Corporate travel coordinators enjoy streamlined management of employee travel with WWStay’ s intuitive reporting tools. The customizable dashboard provides insights into spend data and patterns, as well as tools for managing and strategizing travel requirements. WWStay platform seamlessly fits into your corporate travel programs and can share data with third party or in-house travel tools including expense, risk and HR management, etc.

With a 24/7 full service traveler support center and offices in the US, UK, Latin America and India, WWStay is your choice for global corporate extended stay travel.


Zeno is like no travel and expense solution you’ve ever seen before.

Imagine a truly integrated travel and expense solution designed for corporate travellers in the age of Uber, who expect business tools to have the ease and simplicity of consumer applications.

Infused with artificial intelligence and inherently intuitive, Zeno helps organisations reduce the cost of their travel programs through intelligent itinerary recommendations, actionable cost-saving insights and seamless policy application.

Zeno’s artificial intelligence and conversational transaction ability delivers a jaw-dropping user experience. Recommended itineraries are built around a traveller’s preferences through machine learning and the ground-breaking AskZeno chatbot makes travel booking a breeze using conversational language.

Designed around the app economy, Zeno’s ecosystem of suppliers can be customised to each corporate’s requirements to keep their travellers connected across every phase of Travel; Fly, Stay, Move, Eat, Play, Work and Rest – capturing and submitting expenses as they go.

Find out more at

All times and programmes subject to change.
All sessions for seating capacity are on a first come, first served basis.

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