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Education Programme Focus
All education sessions will be identified using one or more of the following descriptors to assist attendees in determining which sessions will maximize their learning at the summit. 

  • Fundamentals of travel management: introductory level, core best practices
  • Today's Challenges: current events/news and issues affecting our industry
  • Near Future Trends: trends/indications of what is coming in the near future and how to prepare
  • Future Focus: visionary thinking, ideas that can revolutionize the industry

Sunday, 29 April

   3:30 - 4:00 PM | Fitness on the Go

Staying focused on health and wellness can be difficult for business travellers. Join this hands- on workshop to learn quick exercise and clean eating tips that you can use while travelling, attending meetings & events or dining out.
Programme Focus: Today’s Challenges
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

Erin Garcia, Health Club Manager, Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

   4:15 - 4:45 PM | Can You Really Have It All? Balancing Company Needs with Traveller Experience

Is it possible to have travel program compliance AND a wonderful experience for your travelers? The answer might surprise you! Come explore how redesigning a program to balance the experience your travelers look for and what the company needs in areas like mobility and hotel don’t have to be opposing forces.
Programme Focus: Today’s Challenges
Compliments of: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Barbara Barnard, Senior Vice President, Americas, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Dominique Betancourt, Open Innovation Manager, Products and Technology Group
Robert McKay, Director, Corporate Travel Services, Americas & APAC, MasterCard

   4:15 - 5:15 PM | Airline Negotiations: Preparation and Execution

How do you get an airlines' attention? Know your programme! From travel patterns to traveller behavior, your data is telling you a story. This session on airline sourcing strategies will offer:

  • Insights on how best to use and look at your data
  • How airlines view your data
  • How to execute a successful sourcing engagement for programmes of all sizes

Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Turkish Airlines

Jason Kramer, Managing Consultant, Advito
Marc Newman, Sr. Manager, Travel, Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Omer Sirka, Regional Corporate Sales Manager, Turkish Airlines

   4:15 - 5:15 | Build a Better TMC

TMCs play a critical role in corporate travel. Some reports claim that the current model is outdated, causing some companies to question the value of partnering with a TMC. To meet the growing demands and expectations of buyers, TMC’s will continue to evolve and adapt. Build a Better TMC is a facilitated discussion about what buyers are looking for from the agency of the future.  Buyers and TMC representatives will engage to identify core features of the “agency of the future”.
Programme Focus: Near Future Trends
Compliments of: AvisBudget Group

Rosemary Maloney, Senior Manager, Global Travel, Tapestry
Jason Ring, CMP, Vice President of Corporate Services, EVERCORE
Tracie Saunders, Vice President, Global Travel and Business Continuity, Neuberger Berman

4:15 - 5:15 PM | Managing a Global Programme with Little Bandwidth: A Case Study
Can a travel programme based in the US, with only 3 employees, successfully manage a global programme in 47 countries? The answer is, YES! This session will share success tips including how to:

  • Structure the programme
  • Adjust the programme to meet the needs/cultures in each country
  • Measure and report progress to management
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Taxback International

Gloria Templin, Senior Manager Global Travel, Citrix

4:15 - 5:15 PM | Off-Channel Bookings: How to Manage What You Can't See
Off-channel bookings continue to be a source of great headaches among corporate travel managers, and with that activity continuing to grow, those headaches won’t abate anytime soon. We'll discuss:

  • Best practices for capturing off-channel data
  • Technology solutions to assist with capturing off-channel data
  • Ideas for policy changes/implications for managing off-channel booking behavior

Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Travel Leaders Corporate

Suzanne Boyan, GTP, Operations Coordinator- Travel, ZS Associates
Cathy Sharpe
, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Global T&E, Illinois Tool Works, Inc. and ACTE Board of Directors
Cara Whitehill, Chief Commercial Officer, Traxo

4:30 - 5:00 PM | Accommodation Safety and Security Tips for Your Travellers
Today’s world presents an every-growing list of traveller safety concerns. This session will focus on tips to keep your travellers safe and secure during overnight accommodation stays in both traditional lodging and shared services options.
Programme Focus: Today’s Challenges
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

Stephen Barth, Founder, Global Travel Risk Summit Series, Attorney and Professor Hospitality Law, University of Houston

Monday, 30 April

10:45 - 11:15 AM | Exploring Meditation & Mindfulness
Take a break from the buzz of the summit (and life) to learn some healthy ways to reduce stress, increase mental clarity, improve overall performance and wellness. Hear some modern practical ways of applying mindfulness meditation to your daily life and then experience a short guided meditation.
Programme Focus: Today’s Challenges
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

Julie Sachse, Founder and Director, SAX Meditation

10:45 - 11:15 AM | Unleashing Your Data's Superpowers

Don’t let data be your kryptonite! See how integration and consolidation can transform it into the superhero of your travel programme. Discover ways to defeat your supervillains (pain points) and uncover the true cost of travel. Learn how to empower your internal stakeholders to make informed decisions. (No secret identity required. Mask and cape … optional.)
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Mark Rehborg, Director, Business Development, CWT Solutions Group
Sadia Tarannum, Manager, Data Insight, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

11:30 AM - 1:15 PM | NDC: Fact, Fiction or Fairytale?

In ACTE’s recent Education Survey, IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) was identified by our members as one of the top pain points/priorities related to their air programmes. NDC continues to dominate industry discussion and there are still many questions and misconceptions surrounding the topic. This one of a kind session will separate fact from fiction (no "fake news" here!), answer the toughest of questions and help you get ready for the future of airline retailing. Be prepared to get involved!
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends 

John Bukowksi, Director, Global Content and Distribution Strategy, American Express Global Business Travel
Yanik Hoyles, Director, New Distribution Capability (NDC) Program, IATA
Diane Lundeen Smith, GTP, PMP, Global Travel Sourcing Manager, Microsoft
Kathy Morgan, VP Airline Retailing, Sabre
Mike Premo, President and CEO, ARC
Caroline Strachan, Managing Partner, FESTIVE ROAD
Alison Taylor, Senior Vice President – Global Sales and Distribution, American Airlines

11:30 AM - 1:15 PM | Duty of Care: Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First

Most travel programmes have a duty of care policy. But are you truly ready and prepared for the vast potential situations your travelers may encounter? This session combines facilitated discussion to encourage an open exchange of ideas and opinions, along with case scenarios to help you identify:

  • What items should be addressed in your duty of care policy
  • What are the barriers/challenges to incorporating important safety elements and how to overcome them
  • Your ability to effectively and efficiently manage emergency situations related to severe weather events, terrorism, health/medical issues and accidents
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends 
Compliments of: Uniglobe

Michael Lyons, Regional Head of Travel Services, HSBC
Nicholas Gutierrez, Senior VP, Physical Security Risk, HSB

11:30 - 1:15 PM | Hotel RFP Process: What is the Future Model?
Corporate Lodging Forum Session
The hotel RFP process continues to be one of the biggest pain points for all corporate travel stakeholders. Building on current ACTE research regarding hotel sourcing trends, this extended session will:

  • Provide insight into the main pain points of the yearly sourcing current process
  • Investigate how big data and machine learning help the buyer to have a more continuous sourcing approach
  • Provide potential solutions to simplify the process in the future

Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends

April Bridgeman, Managing Director, Advito
Dianna Feinberg, Global Account Leader, Marriott International
Cindy Heston, Director, Travel and Events, Anthem Inc.
Natalie Moran, Director of Global Sales, North America, NH HOTEL GROUP
Cicily Robinson, Sourcing Director Americas, HRS
Steve Sitto, Global Travel & Meetings Manager, Tesla and ACTE Board of Directors

11:30 AM - 1:15 PM | Your Job in 2023: Risks and Opportunities in Corporate Travel
The future is here. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies will continue to have a significant impact on corporate travel. Join the conversation as we discuss:

  • The top risks and disruptors to the industry
  • The opportunities that arise from those disruptions
  • How you can embrace the change and position your company for future success
Programme Focus: Future Focus 
Compliments of: Troovo

Eric Bailey, Global Travel & Venue Group Lead, Microsoft Procurement Group
Johnny Thorsen, VP Global Travel Strategy & Partnerships, Mezi and ACTE Board of Directors

2:45 - 3:45 PM | Supplier Only Workshop: Skills for Career Progression in a Rapidly Changing Industry
Corporate travel suppliers - Join us for an interactive, career development workshop geared specifically for you! Whether you are new to the industry or a 30-year veteran, developing your network, using your voice and adjusting your pitch, will position you for continued success as the landscape of corporate travel evolves. Initial content has been compiled leveraging the results of the recent ACTE Education Survey. To ensure we’re hitting the mark, a brief questionnaire will be sent via email as an attendee update, giving you an opportunity to provide further input so we can meet YOUR needs.

Michelle (Mick) Lee, Founder and President, WINiT and Managing Director, ARROW212
Cindy Mann, Complex Director of Business Travel Sales, Hilton Atlanta & Embassy Suites Atlanta Buckhead
Susan Shaid, Director of Global Sales, Accor Hotels

2:45 - 3:45 PM | Buyer Only Session
Join your peers for an hour of networking and informal learning. This session provides the opportunity to make new and purposeful connections with your peers as well as engage in in-depth, targeted round table discussions. Choose from round table topics organized by:

  • Industry sector/vertical
  • Programme scope/size
  • Ferris Wheel Spoke
This session is only open to corporate travel buyers.
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

4:00 - 4:30 PM | Hotel Safety: An Employer's Guide to Staying Safe
This session will provide an overview of the latest research on hotel safety co-authored by International SOS and ACTE. The research reinforces the need for travel programmes to conduct accommodation risk reviews and provide in-location assistance to business travellers. An overview of ACTE’s Business & Conference Hotels Accreditation (BCHA) will also be shared. BCHA gives international corporate travel buyers and travellers confidence when selecting the best properties for their business needs. BCHA certifies hotels including independents and local chains in both developed and emerging markets for their suitability for corporate accommodations, meetings, and conferences.
Programme Focus: Today’s Challenges
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

Winfried Barczaitis, COO, ACTE-BCHA
Jeremy Prout, Regional Security Manager, East | Americas, International SOS

4:30 - 5:00 PM | Demystifying the Virtual Payment Players
What’s the difference between a payer, acceptor and issuer? How do all the providers fit in, and what is the difference in what each of them does? While the benefits of virtual payments are clear, it can be confusing to understand all the different suppliers in the virtual payment space. This session will test your current knowledge and provide a non-biased overview and explanation of all the current players in this segment of the corporate travel world.
Programme Focus: Fundamentals of Travel Management, Today’s Challenges

Mark Williams, CFO, Dots and Lines LLC

4:30 - 5:30 PM | Best Practices to Demystify Your Traveller's Motivations

Fueled by consumerised expectations for personalization and information at their fingertips, data is more important than ever to keeping your travel programme compliant and relevant to the needs of your traveling population.  Let’s face it, the quality of your data is at the root of your ultimate ability to provide value to your key stakeholders.  For this session, we are focusing on your end traveller stakeholder and the value of the story that their booking behavior and preferences tell. Join an interactive session about larger big data and personalization trends and how to parlay those trends into insights and action plans that can help demystify your traveller’s motivations and drive compliance and satisfaction for your travel programme.
Programme Focus:
Today's Challenges
Compliments of: American Express Global Business Travel

Evan Konwiser, Vice President, Digital Traveler, American Express Global Business Travel
Jeff Lawlor, Vice President, Data Analytics, American Express Global Business Travel 
Steven Mandelbaum, Vice President, Business Solutions, EAB
Amit Patel, Director of Business Development, Lyft

4:30 - 5:30 PM| From Travel Manager to Service Owner to CEO: Position Yourself for the Future

The role of the corporate travel professional continues to evolve. In fact, the position is sure to look very different a few years from now. Travel managers must be prepared with the job skills to take on new roles such as that of service owner to stay relevant. Invest in yourself and learn about the qualities, attributes and leadership skills that will position you for success in the future.
Programme Focus: Near Future Trends, Future Focus
Compliments of: HRG

Nicki Leeds, GTP, Global Supply Chain – Travel, Card & Expense, Hess Corporation
Susan Lichtenstein, Senior Consultant of Global Strategies, Partnership Travel Consulting LLC

4:30 - 5:30 PM | Hotel Savings: From Concept to Reality All Year Round
Corporate Lodging Forum Session
Savings remain one of the KPI’s in corporate travel and can be challenging to reach even for mature programmes. In the hotel category, there are several ways to reach savings beyond the hotel programme alone, such as taking advantage of market pricing and hotel yield management. This session will help you:

  • Identify savings areas that have not yet been explored by many programmes
  • Move from "promised" savings to "realized" savings
  • Explore opportunities to define a common saving standard for the hotel category that will help buyers and suppliers speak the same language

Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends

Martin Biermann, CPO, HRS Group
Jeff Daily, Director, Global Travel, Sanmina
Anthony Del Gaudio, Senior Vice President Hotel Sales, Loews Hotels
Ben Park, Director, Procurement & Travel, PAREXEL International
Meredith Smith, Principal Consultant for the Americas, Festive Road
Steven Rubin
, Online Travel and Hospitality Revenue Strategist, TRI Hospitality Inc.

4:30 - 5:30 PM | More Than a Trend: Driving Towards the Future of Ground Transportation
The pace of development and disruption within the automotive and transportation sectors continues to accelerate. Connectivity, urbanisation and social changes continue to have a profound impact on the future of personal and corporate mobility, and on the car of the future. In this session we will cover both: the reality and how to best manage a programme in the current state and an outlook, what is on the horizon and what we already need to adapt today. This session will help you to:

  • Articulate key components of a solid ground transportation policy and see where your programme is on a maturity matrix
  • Learn about the future developments and decide how to tackle the category to maximise outcomes
  • Think with a broader mind-set about the whole ground transportation landscape

Programme Focus: Near Future
Compliments of: AvisBudget Group

Geert Behets, Head of Global Travel, Meetings & Fleet Management, UCB and ACTE Board of Directors
Stuart Donnelly, Senior Director, Group International Sales, Northern Europe/USA, Sixt
Yvonne Moya, Principal, FESTIVE ROAD & ACTE European Council Member, Germany

Tuesday, 1 May

9:45 - 10:45 AM | Alternative Accommodations: How to Seamlessly Integrate into Your Sleep Programme

Corporate Lodging Forum Session
Your travellers continue to want (and sometimes need) alternatives to more traditional types of overnight accommodations. Additionally, more buyers now see alternative accommodation options as a benefit and are ready to incorporate more options into their sleep programme. Having a clearly defined programme, booking process and policy will help protect your company and your travellers. This session will review:

  • How to make the business case to your internal stakeholders such as compliance/legal/risk management
  • How to integrate the booking and payment of alternative accommodations into your current process to ensure consistency with your duty of care policy
  • Potential policy considerations as the alternative accommodation space continues to expand and evolve

Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends

Linda Francis, Travel Program Manager, Princeton University
Suzanne Neufang, VP Americas and Managing Director- North America, HRS
Ryan Pierce, Travel Manager, Americas, Salesforce
Selena Rogers, Director of Sales, Furnished Quarters
Lauren Tuell, Global Travel Advisor North American Region, Cardinal Health

9:45 - 10:45 AM | Human Resources, Procurement, Security: The Many Homes for Travel
How does the “home” for travel within a company impact the programme? Are their benefits/advantages to a certain structure? How does this impact interactions and relationships with internal stakeholders and the experience of the traveller? Does it change the priority for the travel programme? Three buyers, based in human resources, procurement and security respectively, and all from different industries, will share an overview of their programmes, helping you to incorporate some of their philosophies and strategies, regardless of where your travel programme lives.
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Travel Leaders Corporate

Jill Huffman, Global Travel Manager, Cardinal Health
Kelly McDonald, North America Services Manager, Ferrero
Joseph Postiglione, Vice President, Global Procurement, NBA

9:45 - 10:45 AM | It’s a Match! Getting Difficult Travellers to Swipe Right
Every company has hard-to-love travelers: the bargain hunter, the out-of-policy rogue, the top secret traveller, the credit card-phobe, the impossible to-please.  These travellers are difficult to love and make a travel manager want to “swipe left”. This session will provide suggestions for how to incorporate the newest tools, technologies and travel solutions that can improve your programme so that both travellers and travel managers want to “swipe right”!
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: SAP Concur

Christine Kerr, Vice President, Business Travel, AccorHotels
Mike Koetting, Executive Vice President, Supplier Management and TMC Services, SAP Concur
Patrick Linnihan, President and CEO, Gant Travel Management
Juliann Pless, Senior Vice President, Travel Solutions, Corporate Spending Innovations
Mira Rosenzweig, Director of Travel Services, KBB Partners

9:45 - 10:45 AM | Using Virtual Collaboration to Reduce Your Travel Spend
Multinational companies spend millions of dollars each year on internal travel. While some of this travel is required, there are often regular, repetitive meetings that could be held virtually. Companies that adopt a virtual meetings strategy as part of their travel programme have seen significant savings of up to 7% of their total travel spend. These savings can be redirected to other priorities, such as revenue-generating, customer-facing travel. This discussion will cover how to:

  • Identify the ROI potential and benefits of virtual meetings
  • Include virtual meetings to make your project teams more successful
  • Identify, measure and report KPI’s for tracking programme success
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends
Compliments of: Airline Pros

Tom Molesky, Assistant Vice President, Global Head Travel Services, MetLife
Lesley O'Bryan, Vice President and Principal, Advito
Jennie Tietema, Product Manager, Amazon Chime, Amazon Web Services

9:45 - 10:15 AM | A View from the Top: Tips from a Retained Search Professional
To become the “Travel Programme CEO”, you need to think like a CEO in terms of your own career aspirations, as well as when hiring others. Hear from a prominent, travel industry retained search professional to review the 4 qualifiers that can position travel buyers and suppliers for advancement and a seat at the table. Additionally, questions such as “What is your own people plan?”, “How do you tell your story?” and “How does this person fit into the company culture?” will be discussed.
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends

Frank Morogiello, Partner, Head, Aviation & Hospitality Practice, Odgers Berndtson

11:00 - 11:30 AM | Exploring Meditation & Mindfulness
Take a break from the buzz of the summit (and life) to learn some healthy ways to reduce stress, increase mental clarity, improve overall performance and wellness. Hear some modern practical ways of applying mindfulness meditation to your daily life and then experience a short guided meditation.
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

Julie Sachse, Founder and Director, SAX Meditation

11:00 - 11:30 AM | Psst… Do You Want to Know What Other Travel Managers are Telling Their Travellers?
From expected travel policy updates and safety information, to targeted messages for very specific situations, get the inside scoop on the best practices in communicating with your travellers. Find out how to send the right message, at the right time, using the right channel. (Disclaimer: Aggregated data only will be shared. No names will be revealed.)
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Jeremy Prout, Regional Security Manager, East | Americas, International SOS
Carrinne Saulet, VP Brand, Global Marketing, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM | The Role of Corporate Travel in Ending Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation
With almost 500 million business trips happening each year, the corporate travel industry is uniquely situated to create a meaningful impact in ending child prostitution and trafficking. This session will review how to:

  • Recognize the potential signs of human trafficking
  • Report suspected trafficking
  • Engage suppliers, travellers and corporations to amplify awareness
  • Help support the work of ECPAT
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges

Compliments of: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Michelle Guelbart, MSW, Director of Private Sector Engagement, ECPAT-USA
Jennifer Keltner, Travel Industry Executive
Carrinne Saulet, VP Brand, Global Marketing, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM | Consolidating Meetings and Travel: Are You Ready?

There is a lot of industry buzz regarding consolidation of meetings and travel. The quantitative benefits seem clear- increased efficiencies/reduced redundancies and of course, time and cost savings. But what about the qualitative benefits? Additionally, what are the common characteristics of programmes that have successfully consolidated their meetings and travel functions? If your programme is considering this consolidation, this session will help you develop a strategy for success.
Programme Focus:  Near Future Trends
Compliments of: CWT Meetings & Events

Linsey Giant, Meetings & Events Manager, Anthem, Inc.
Kari Wendel, Vice President- Global SMM Strategy & Solutions, CWT Meetings and Events

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM | Duty of Care in the Age of Traveller Experience

The complex needs and behaviors of the modern business traveller, a persona first introduced by an ACTE Corporate Travel Study, in conjunction with American Express Global Business Travel in 2016, continues to change. However, the fundamental requirements of a travel manager’s responsibility remain the same: ensuring the traveller is productive, happy and safe while managing costs. Consumer driven business travel experience expectations around access to content, traveler access channels, travel experience, loyalty and preferences are raising new challenges when it comes to duty of care. Findings from the latest research in the modern business traveller series, “The Role of Business Travel Tools and Policy in the Traveller Experience” identify key insights that are creating new challenges, and in some cases, opportunities for duty of care.  This session will explore the factors that are complicating the balance between demand for self-driven, customized experiences and policy controls and restrictions when it comes to planning for the safety and security of your travelers.
Programme Focus:  Today's Challenges
Compliments of: American Express Global Business Travel

Kelly Christner, Head of Global Travel, Fleet & Meetings, Edgewell Personal Care
Michelle Grant, Travel Administration Manager, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
Stephanie Smook, Acting Regional Director, EMEA, ACTE Global
Colin Temple, Head of Multinational, US and Canada, American Express Global Business Travel
Theresa Thomas, Senior Vice President, iJET International

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM | Four Data-Related Questions All Travel Managers Should Have Answers For
The deluge of data at your disposal can be overwhelming. Figuring out what is relevant and how to use it to drive your programme goals is critical for success. This session will cover:

  • Which programme objectives can benefit from leveraging data?
  • What is the best approach to avoid data overload?
  • Which data should your suppliers be providing you?
  • How can you use data discovery to achieve actionable results?
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges

Compliments of: BCD Travel

Dave Lukas, VP/CSO, Grasp Technologies
Damon Meek, Senior Director, Global Client Data Solutions, BCD Travel
James Sisco, Director, Global Travel and Credit Card Services, RELX Group

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM | Virtual Payment: Let's Get It Done Together
Corporate Lodging Forum Session
In addition to the travel manager, there are many other internal stakeholders (finance, procurement, controllers) that have a vested interest in the success of any travel programme payment strategy. Can a central payment solution give all these stakeholders a simpler life? The virtual payment solutions already well adopted for the airline category can bring the same benefits to the hotel category when it comes to ease of use, transparency and control. This can only happen if all players involved in the process work together and move towards a common goal. This session will:

  • Review the benefits of virtual payment for the hotel category
  • Identify the steps to implement your virtual payment solutions smoothly
  • Increase traveller satisfaction and programme adoption

Programme Focus: Today's Challenges, Near Future Trends

Bill Amaral, Business Partnership and Travel Manager, Statewide Travel Program, State of California, Department of General Services
Kathleen Cantwell, Head of Partnership Management, Americas, AirPlus International
Eric Hofer, Director of Sales and Account Management, HRS
Corrina Murray, Global Process Manager - Financial Operations Travel, Google
Sandra Taylor, Senior Director, Best Western Hotels & Resorts

12:15 - 12:45 PM | Prioritizing Wellness in a Corporate Travel Programme
Business travellers face different health risks than leisure travelers. Jet lag, changing time zones, lack of access to healthy food options, lack of time to exercise and sleep disruption are just some of the challenges of business travel. Join us for some tips to consider in creating a travel programme that expands workplace wellness beyond the walls of the office.
Programme Focus: Today's Challenges
Compliments of: Best Western Hotels and Resorts

J. Grant Caplan, President, Travel Consulted

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