Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

When is the application deadline?

Those interested in being considered for selection to the Around the World programme must apply on/by March 13, 2020.

What is the selection process like?

Initial applications will be reviewed and applicants who submissions pass will be invited to continue to the next part of the process that will require a  one-way interview video. These videos will be reviewed by BCD Travel’s HR staff to identify candidates who are likely to be successful management associates at BCD Travel. This group will be invited to continue the process to further refining the candidate field. Scheduling of phone interviews with BCD Travel staff will be offered to the final select group of candidates and the management associates will be identified after phone interviews have concluded (approximately April 10).

What is the Around the World Travel Traineeship Programme?

Around the World provides you with the opportunity for a hands-on global immersion training focused exclusively on global corporate travel management. The travel traineeship programme includes:

  • The opportunity to learn about the global culture of corporate travel management
  • The chance to attend regional briefings to learn about business culture and what is respectful in the business world
  • Professional development opportunities including a look into the day-to-day life of the business travel profession
  • Visiting various business travel companies to learn about their products and services

After traveling around the world you will return to a paid management associate programme that provides you with the opportunity to grow your expertise and professionalism - that may lead to full time/permanent employment.

Why does ACTE Global offer the Around the World Travel Traineeship Programme?

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the business travel industry through education, advocacy and research. ACTE Global recognized the "talent crunch" in the business industry in 2012 and created the Around the World Programme to support the industry's need to attract fresh talent.

How does the paid internship part of the programme work?

ACTE Global selects leading business travel service providers who are interested in the recruitment of new talent to their organisation to sponsor the programme. In exchange for their sponsorship, ACTE Global solicits and collects programme applications and the sponsors select the applicants who they feel have the best potentially for successfully filling the openings in their organization.

The paid internship will begin on approximately 1 August 2020, following the conclusion of the Around the World traineeship journey. The paid internship focuses on your strengths and skills in your placement in a position that supports your career goals. This experience provides you with an opportunity to learn about the sponsor organization, develop a professional skill set and ultimately learn about business travel. Upon successful completion of the paid internship, the sponsoring organization may offer permanent employment.

What and where is the paid internship programme, and the permanent employment opportunity?

BCD Travel is a global organization with various departments and worldwide locations. BCD values the diversity of their employees and strives to align both the internship and employment opportunities with the skills and interests of their people. These factors, along with geographical locations, are discussed during the interview process and internship placement is agreed as part of the program acceptance. The management associate programme is a 6-month courting period whereby both parties make sure that the work and role is a good fit for a hopeful employment opportunity. Some of the past associates, worked in departments such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Sales, Project Management and Supplier Relations.

What is Corporate Travel Management?

The corporate travel industry is not only a major economic driver within travel and tourism, it also supports the growth of business across the world through the application of business management process to the travel industry.

Corporate Travel Management is the function of strategically managing a company's travel programme that ensures the safety and productivity of its travellers to achieve business objectives.

Responsibilities of a corporate travel manager can include:  
  • Managing relationships with travel management companies and travel vendors
  • Overseeing all aspects of the corporate travel programme
  • Putting in place systems that ensure the safety and security of travellers
  • Analyzing data collected from company travel for opportunities to improve the travel programme
  • Supporting company's travellers by otimising processes and procedures through all of the phases of the business travel experience
  • Negotiating contracts or rates with travel service providers
  • Developing travel policy and monitoring compliance

What is the difference between Leisure Travel and Business Travel?


What have past ATW Trainee Programmes looked like?

Each year our interns blog about their experience for Around the World. The blogs provide great insight into the day-today life of the 6-week ATW programme. Check out some past blogs below, the interns' group Instagram to see what YOUR Around the World experience could look like!

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