In today’s fast paced, ever-evolving industry, ACTE is committed to support corporate travel buyers to be successful leaders of their travel programme. The elements of this framework are built on the DNA of the corporate travel industry and include:
Travel Programme Leader
A corporate travel buyer who embodies the strategic and operational skills to create a traveller centric programme, that also produces a positive ROI in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving industry. 
Aligns the corporate travel programme with the strategic direction of the company. This is achieved by engaging with and effectively communicating the importance of a strong travel programme with senior leadership and other internal stakeholders to support traveller motivation and the bottom line.
Embraces emerging technology and new industry best practices that challenge the norm and support travellers before, during and after a trip.
Business Intelligence
Utilizes documented business strategies and technologies to gather, analyze and use data, research and benchmarking information from multiple sources to make strategic decisions that elevate the travel programme and traveller experience.
Aligns the day to day business operations of their travel programme to support today’s traveller while also achieving the desired financial outcomes and goals of the organization.