Europe Region Board Member Election: Candidate Information

The Europe Region Board Member is elected by the ACTE members in the Europe region and represents the interests of all members of the region in addition to serving the entire ACTE membership. All ACTE Europe members in good standing are eligible to vote. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the association and for overseeing the fulfillment of ACTE’s mission. The Europe Board Member will serve a three-year term beginning in February 2018.

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Europe Region Board Member 

Geert Behets, Head of Global Travel, Meetings, and Fleet Management, UCB
Benjamin Park, Director, Procurement & Travel, PAREXEL International

*Before casting your vote, please take a moment to review each of the candidate's questionnaire responses and LinkedIn profiles for a better understanding of their background, experience and interest in serving on the ACTE Board of Directors.

Geert Behets
Head of Global Travel, Meetings, and Fleet Management

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Why do you want to serve on the ACTE Board of Directors?

After having served in the Board of the Belgian Association of Corporate Travel Management (BATM) for 10 year (of which 4 as president), and having been involved in the international travel community and ACTE for nearly 15 years, I feel that I can positively contribute. 

With my background from both a supplier side (20 years with American Express Travel) and Corporate client (UCB - 10 years), I feel I can bring a unique perspective with background from both and understanding the priorities of each. 

Serving on BATM's board has been a great experience but the scope is national while my scope is global. If I could serve on ACTE's board, the experience I bring will be more appropriate and from my side I will feel a stronger connection to the scope of ACTE. 

ACTE is a great organization. It is my wish to contribute by raising ideas and - as is needed in every organization – acting as a challenger to raise the level even further.

What skills and experience would you bring to the Board of Directors that would benefit ACTE?

  • Strategy. Everything starts with a clear strategy to determine your tactics. Your strategy (or vision) should not change often but your tactics could and should be adapted regularly. 

  • Focus. Although I have a very broad interest which sometimes challenges me to focus, focusing on the right end goal has helped me tremendously in reaching the goals I had put for myself. 

  • Innovation. Innovation needs not be disruptive. Incremental innovation can contribute strongly to advance to the next level. My aim is to constantly evolve and challenge, trying to find new solutions both professionally and personally.

  • Broad experience in the travel industry both in Sales and Purchasing. It is important to not just be able to work out a strategy but also how to present it attractively while doing this at the best conditions.

  • Communication – communication is key since it needs to be adapted to your audience in order to maximize the message.

  • Mediator/Challenger – in our Purchasing Leadership team, I play the mediator when there is disagreement. It is my nature to always look for a solution. At the same time, I also challenge constantly and hope to be challenged as well.

  • Benjamin Park
    Director, Procurement & Travel
    PAREXEL International

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    Why do you want to serve on the ACTE Board of Directors?

    When I was new to travel, I learned a great deal from fellow ACTE members sharing their knowledge. More recently, I realized that I could give back to the travel industry in this capacity; i.e. participated in several panel sessions, presented at ACTE events and other congresses. I was also part of several advisory boards for global ACTE events in Europe and in the U.S. I am extremely honored that I have received recognition from industry peers, suppliers, and buyers for the content and vision I have been sharing.

    A positive next step would be to be more closely involved with ACTE, to support ACTE’s vision and be part of this journey and to leave my footprint on the industry on a more elevated strategic level. 

    This EU board role would be a great development opportunity for me on an individual level. I would work toward ACTE having a stronger presence in all European countries, but also in Germany especially. I am happy to have complete support from my company and line manager to act in this role. 

    I believe my presence on the ACTE board would help provide a good generational mix as well as greater regional representation.

    What skills and experience would you bring to the Board of Directors that would benefit ACTE?

    My passion for the travel industry and the energy I have to push items forward. Strong desire to bring the corporate travel industry to the next level, demonstrated through my volunteer work and on several publications. My background (I graduated with a Master as an economist) means that I might be one of the few members who has made a career in travel management with no “agent” background. My strong analytical, process-driven, financial mindset is what the travel industry and travel programs of the future need.

    I have a natural interest in looking constantly at the market, to see what’s new or where there are upcoming start-ups or products.

    Innovative supplier relationships are one of the core elements of my travel program. I am on several supplier advisory boards. One example of this supplier innovation is that one of my projects was recognized by BTN in 2017, where PAREXEL won the award for Best Practitioner 2017. Before moving into travel, I was responsible for the real estate (facility management) for Eastern Europe & Scandinavia. This experience that I have in the industry and in local culture from those years could help ACTE to create an even stronger footprint within those regions.