ACTE Nominations Committee

The goal of the Nominations Committee is to ensure that the best candidates for the Board are nominated and that the slate of candidates put forward for member approval will perform in the best interest of the members and ACTE. 

The role of the Nominations Committee is to:

• Ensure that all ACTE members have equal opportunities to participate in ACTE volunteer leadership opportunities.
• Attract the best and most competent leaders who understand the Board's role and support ACTE’s mission.
• Evaluate current Board makeup for effectiveness and recruit nominees that fill current Board needs and areas of expertise desired.
• Develop a candidate slate that ensures a reasonable balance between supplier and buyer membership and representation from ACTE’s diverse geographical regions.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Steve Sitto, Sr. Manager, Travel, Mobility & Events, Tesla & ACTE Board Directors

Committee Members:

Patricia Chua, Travel – Asia Pacific, Apple
Joanne Comisso, Senior Specialist, Corporate Travel, Via Rail
Kurt Knackstedt, CEO, Troovo & ACTE Centre Chair 
Ryan Pierce, Sr. Manager, Americas Travel, Salesforce
Patricia Thomas, Director, Academia de Viagens Corporativas
Herman Vermeiren, Global Director Travel & Meetings, Johnson & Johnson  

Serving on the ACTE Board of Directors

Who is eligible?

Nominees for the ACTE Board must meet these requirements to be eligible:

• Be a current ACTE member in good standing
• Have attended an ACTE Global Summit during the past two (2) years
• Demonstrate a record of ACTE volunteer activity, such as;

o ACTE Global Summit or Executive Forum advisory board
o Regional Council member
o Other ACTE ad-hoc committee service
o Presenter at an ACTE education event
o Have the ability to and a commitment from their employer to fulfill the time, travel and expense responsibilities needed to fulfill the Board Director role

What are the Qualifications?
These documents describe the key focus areas of the Board of Directors, the Board member’s role and responsibilities, and Board member qualifications:

• Board of Directors Overview
• Board Member Roles & Responsibilities
• Regional Board Member Roles & Responsibilities

Other desired characteristics of a potential Board member include:

• Prior non-profit Board service
• A unique perspective on the industry and the trends and challenges that lie ahead
• Creative problem solving ability
• Strategic thinker and influencer
• Positive leadership attributes; emotional intelligence; ability to work collaboratively and engage in appropriate debate and discussion
• Knowledge of and participation in strategic planning initiatives
• An ability to take a long-term view and formulate objectives and priorities to assure the long-term interest of the association

The Nomination Process

Assessing Strategic Needs Based on current strategic priorities, the Nominations committee develops list of desired attributes and/or specific skills (if applicable) to assist in identifying and vetting candidates for the Board.
Sourcing Candidates A general call for nominations to all ACTE members is conducted and managed by the Nominations Committee. 

All ACTE members in good standing are eligible to submit a nomination or to be nominated. 

Vetting Candidates Candidates are vetted by the Nominations Committee against the eligibility requirements, role requirements,
and desired skills and experience. 

Vetting also includes a review of each candidate’s ACTE volunteer engagement activity, their candidate application, and an interview with the Nominations Committee.

Setting the Candidate Slate The Nominations Committee evaluates the results of the candidate vetting and based on the strategic needs of the organisation determines a candidate slate to present to the membership for election.
Member Voting At-Large Board Directors are elected by all ACTE members.

Regional Board Directors are elected by the members of that region.