Programme Code of Conduct & Participation Guidelines

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for participants in the Around the World Programme. All participants are expected to comply with the letter and spirit of the programme code of conduct and participation guidelines. Violation of the code of conduct or participation guidelines will result in immediate dismal from the programme. For more information, please contact us

Participant Responsibilities

Participant shall provide complete and accurate information on all forms required for participation in the programme. Participant must obtain valid passport, visas, and health certifications prior to programme departure.

Conduct & Discipline

Participant agrees to conduct himself or herself in a respectful manner that reflects professionalism and integrity. Participant will comply with the legal systems of the countries visited, and will be solely responsible for any consequences related to his/her actions. Alcohol and substance abuse will not be tolerated.


Participant is required to attend all scheduled programme activities, unless absence is authorized by the designated programme lead.

Cancellation & Withdrawal Policy

Participant shall send written notification to the attention of the Programme Director of any intention to postpone, withdraw, or cancel his/her participation.

Programme Changes & Cancellation

ACTE reserves the right to make changes to programme dates, destinations, accommodations, and scheduled activities.

Services Not Provided

ACTE is not responsible for and assumes no liability for:

  • Actions of any individual or organization that has undertaken to provide transportation, service or accommodations in connection with programme arrangements.
  • Actions of persons not employed or otherwise engaged by ACTE, for events that are not part of the programme, or that are beyond the control of ACTE and its subcontractors.
  • Assurances that home-country culture values and norms will apply in each country visited in the programme.
  • Monitoring and/or control of all the daily personal decisions, choices, and activities of the individual participants.
  • Prevention of participants from engaging in illegal, dangerous or unwise activities, including but not limited to situations that may arise due to the failure of a participant to disclose pertinent health information.
  • Safety of participants and/or elimination of all risks from the environment.
  • Safety of personal property during participation in the programme.

Severability & Jurisdiction

The provisions of this Agreement are severable so that if any term or provision hereof is found for any reason to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such finding shall not affect the validity, construction or enforceability of any remaining term or provision hereof. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, except for any Virginia choice of law rule that would result in the governing law being the law of any jurisdiction other than Virginia.